yaskawalogoYaskawa is the largest global variable frequency drives manufacturer with over 30 years of Building Automation System (BAS) and HVAC experience. Their variable frequency drives are designed for HVAC applications, which include air handlers, cooling towers, and pumps.

Because all variable frequency drives (VFDs) are rigorously tested, Yaskawa ensures that quality and reliability are designed and built in. This tight quality control procedure during manufacturing allows for a mean time between failure of almost 28 years. Yaskawa has innovative products such as their iQ-pump controller, 100% redundant drive packages, and 12 or 18 pulse drives.

Yaskawa drives are locally designed and manufactured in New Berlin, WI. Yaskawa works solely with motion control products. Yaskawa is not a sub-company of a large conglomerate that sells one of everything. They build only drives and motion control products and they build them well. Yaskawa’s dedication to quality has lead them to be the exclusive drive provider in multiple facilities across the Midwest.

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