VAW Systems


VAW Systems designs and builds noise attenuation products for as variety of applications. VAW Systems also has an offering of built-up air handling unit casings. Based in Winnipeg, Canada and manufactured there as well, VAW has kept an eye on quality when so many manufacturers of sheet metal projects have looked for ways to cheapen the product and sacrifice quality.

VAW`s acoustic specialists deliver high quality services using state-of-the-art software, mathematical models and comprehensive testing capabilities and has long been at the forefront of developments in noise control engineering. With the escalation of public concern over the effects of environmental noise and occupational exposure, and given a rapidly changing regulatory climate, public and private sector clients increasingly call upon VAW to undertake complex acoustical projects. Their team has completed noise control solutions and installations throughout North America. Complete reports and practical noise control solutions are some key components towards avoiding unwanted, costly delays.

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