Technical Systems, Inc. (TSI)


Technical Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of engineered compressorized cooling systems. Their extensive versatility enables them to provide product to a broad spectrum of standard and unique customer applications. TSI has developed a name in the industry for mission critical cooling applications. Cooling equipment that simply cannot fail is what they do. Be it redundant chiller controls, air cooled chillers with built in glycol economizers, or chillers with custom built in pumping packages.

With flexibility and versatility in design, TSI has the longest track record in the industry for packaging hydronics systems with chillers. Their engineering department is comprised of professional, mechanical and design engineers committed to providing equipment that meets the application requirements without exception.

Extensive knowledge and experience in refrigeration, fluid movement and air systems uniquely qualifies Technical Systems to “Build Equipment to One Set of Specs…Yours”.

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