TROX understands the art of competently handling air like no other company in the world. In close collaboration with demanding clients from around the globe, TROX has successfully manufactured leading technologies and marketed systems and components for ventilation and indoor climate control. They are consistently expanding upon this position by means of intensive research and development activities.

The individual is the focus at TROX: as a client with visionary ideas and technological goals, as a motivated and qualified company employee, as a responsible decision-maker at the management level, and last but not least, as a human being who would like to live and work in well-ventilated spaces.

Since TROX was founded in 1951, they have stood by this philosophy and vouched for their good name. It has created our distinctive client base and is indicative of their solution-minded approach, and is therefore the source of their company success.

TROX is leading the market in several innovation air distribution arenas:

Chilled Beams. Not just simple active and passive beams, but also incorporating lighting, motion sensor, PA systems, and controls. Through combining several features into one chilled beam, a streamlined ceiling space can be achieved. Opening up whole new avenues in architectural freedom.

Displacement Ventilation. As the demand for increased IAQ and lower energy bills rises, true displacement ventilation has come to the forefront. The higher ventilation effectiveness of displacement ventilation requires less outside air to condition and transport as well as being far superior to mixed zones in removing carbon dioxide from the occupied zone.

Underfloor Air Distribution. TROX has developed a full line of underfloor air devices from simple manually adjustable circular diffusers to perimeter induction-type heating units.

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