ThermaDuctThermaduct is rigid outdoor ductwork system that offers High R-Values and Low Air Leakage without the need for fiberglass insulation or duct liner. Manufactured in the United States, Thermaduct is made from the highest quality materials and pre-insulated with Kingspan KoolDuct.

Superior Outdoor Air Distribution

There is simply no duct like it in the world. thermaduct2Thermaduct combines the best of air distribution technology with choice outdoor weather barrier to create a duct that o­ffers the highest R value and lowest air leakage rates in the industry. Unsurpassed performance was the goal to create a duct that can not only deliver every cubic foot of air it is fed, but to treat the air with the utmost respect by not exposing it to fibrous or volatile organic chemical latent liners. Indoor, the air passes a smooth aluminum surface that is clad to Kingspan’s Kooltherm closed cell rigid thermoset resin insulated core. The outer layers include factory autohesively bonded FSK aluminum with a UV thermaduct1stable, 39 mil, titanium infused vinyl that is vacuum pressed and laminated permanently to Kingspan KoolDuct. Air distribution segments are connected together with either 4-bolt flange, aluminum channels OR cohesively bonded vinyl couplings. Once installed, all seams are sealed completely for uncompromising integrity and one of the best outdoor duct warranties in the industry.



Thermaduct Outdoor Ductwork Solution will provide you with the highest quality outdoor air distribution you can get!

  • UL 181 Listed KoolDuct Liner
  • Passes the UL 181 Listed Mold Growth Test
  • Closed Cell Insulation
  • Highest R – Value Selections
  • Proven Low Air Leakage
  • Built in the USA

For your outdoor ductwork, the right products can make all the difference. Choose Thermaduct for your next project!
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