T.A. Morrison & C. Inc (Tamco) is the North American leader in damper manufacturing. Tamco’s exclusively aluminum damper products are unparalleled in quality and durability. With manufacturing facilities in Ottawa, Ontario and Phoenix, AZ Tamco can deliver high quality damper products across North America.

Tamco is known best for their pioneering the insulated damper market. Their original insulated offering (the Series 9000) set the industry. Today the series 9000 damper is still the industry standard in low leakage insulated dampers. With thermally broken blades as standard, and a broken frame option, a severe cold option, and an anodized salt water option, Tamco has remained the insulated damper leader.

The all aluminum construction of Tamco’s dampers provides for an unmatched durability in the industry. Tamco takes it a step farther with no metal-to-metal contact in the damper blade and bearing construction. While industry standard dampers rely on stainless steel jamb seals and bronze iolite bearings, Tamco has used silicone side & blade seals and celcon/polycarbonate blade bearings that hold up over time and require no on-going maintenance.

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