Haakon Industries


Haakon’s commitment to quality in all phases of the mechanical process have slowly and quietly built them into the largest custom AHU manufacturer in North America. Haakon as a company has worked its way to the top of the custom market for several key reasons:

Quality. Quality is in the details. Whether it is from not relying on caulking to hold their equipment together, to simply making door swing not interfere with fans and motors, the signature Haakon quality shines through in everything they make. In a time and market where everyone has looked for ways to become cheaper, Haakon has not sacrificed quality in any way. Through investment in new equipment and better training during a down economy, Haakon has remained price competitive with other respected manufacturers.

Responsibility. This is true not only for taking ownership of a piece of equipment throughout its lifespan, but in the design process as well. Once you start down the design path with Haakon, you know that every aspect of this equipment will live up to expectations. No design drawing produced to date encroaches on or makes sacrifices in proper design. Through Haakon’s vast knowledge base and experience, there isn’t a challenging design or criteria that they cannot develop a solution to. That same cannot be said for many other AHU manufacturers especially as the drive for lower cost pushes to new lows.

Longevity. Quality really shows up in the longevity of a Haakon custom AHU. It’s through the quality of construction that the highest level of durability can be achieved. You can rest assured that the performance and air leakage of your piece of equipment is the same the day it is installed as 10 years down the road.

Promise. The Haakon promise is that there is no bad installation. Not one Haakon installation to date has left an owner or end user not completely satisfied with the end product. Every installed unit to date is a potential show piece. Ask that of Haakon’s competitors and see if they have any bad installations.

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