Flow Control Industries, Inc.


Since the release of the first DeltaPValve®, Flow Control Industries, Inc.’s team of world class engineers has worked to improve its design, efficiency and overall effectiveness. This focus and dedication has propelled the DeltaPValve® to the top of the industry being the only variable flow hydronic system that GUARANTEES design delta T or better in all load conditions.  Not to mention that it still is the only tested and field proven pressure independent control valve that is ACTUALLY pressure independent at all load conditions.

The DeltaPValve®, FCI’s flagship product was developed by founder and Chairman Paul Skoglund, P.E. over 20 years ago when he realized that more effective valves could revolutionize mechanical system efficiency. As an industry pioneer, Paul was the first to create the patented design, development and application of pressure independent control valves.

Flow Control Industries, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance pressure independent control valves, delivering energy efficient products and services through a consultative process to increase building value and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

DeltaPValves are used in projects all over the world and is consistently saving customers millions of dollars in first costs, operating costs and deferred capital costs.

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