Chillit Chillers


Chillit Chillers manufactures large custom commercial heat pumps and chillers primarily for the geothermal industry with capacity ranges from 35 to 180 Ton with screw compressors and up to 40 Ton utilizing scroll compressors. The benefit of geothermal energy as a heating and cooling source for commercial buildings is that it is both renewable and sustainable, while minimizing the use of fossil fuels. They are providing a GREEN energy source and targeting a zero carbon footprint.  Geothermal technology as a renewable energy has grown in popularity and use throughout the world over the last century, as a result of significant advancements in thermodynamics. Chillit Chillers is taking advantage of these technological improvements to design and build new geothermal heat pumps and chillers for commercial building applications. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has rated geothermal heat pumps among the most efficient heating and cooling technologies available today.

Chillit Chillers has differentiated itself from others in the industry in that they provide a quality sustainable product held to the highest of design standards. Chillit water to water heat pumps incorporate several design details that provide value to the end user such as:

• Durable and quiet modulating screw compressors
• Electronic expansion valves for measurable performance and actual control in both heating and cooling mode
• Internet based factory monitoring of units in operation
• Full DDC controls with real time EER and COP calculations
• Modular design with an eye on actual efficiency (small design while not sacrificing performance)
• Variable water flow operation
• Internally reversing even at 150 tons

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