Treating Humidity Problems Since 1948

Addison has been in the business of moisture removal with DX systems since its inception in 1948. As buildings have become tighter and outside air requirements have become higher, Addison has naturally become a great fit for that market. Chilled beams, VRF, geo source heat pumps… all these systems rely on a dedicated outside air unit to cool and return to space neutral temperatures ventilation air.

addison2The PR Series Rooftop

Specifically treating high outside air demands with packaged rooftops has been a sore subject for standard RTU manufacturers. Design conditions over 30% outside air have typically lead to low heat and not enough latent moisture removal in cooling. Addison’s packaged rooftop line encompasses all outside air percentages.

Common Configurations Include:

  • Supply and exhaust fans
  • ECM motors
  • VAV, single zone VAV, Constant volume
  • Energy Recovery Wheels
  • Hot Gas Reheat
  • Liquid Subcooling Reheat
  • Variable Speed Compressors
  • Saltwater and Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Geo and Boiler/Tower Water Source Heat Pumps

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